Devegetation works on West Coast Mainline between Gretna and Lockerbie

Network Rail will be carrying out tree and vegetation management along a 9-mile stretch of the West Coast Mainline between Gretna and Lockerbie.

The work will clear trees and vegetation from land along the railway boundary and is needed to reduce the risk of trees falling onto the tracks.

The project will begin on Saturday (April 8) and will continue until early June. Trees within falling distance of the railway will be selectively felled or cut-back.

Ahead of the work starting, environmental surveys have been carried out and the area has been inspected for nesting birds and protected species. Ecologists have also been consulted to help minimise the impact of the work on the environment.

Kirsty Armstrong, scheme project manager, said: “We manage thousands of miles of trees and vegetation along our tracks and projects like this one are vital to maintaining safety and making sure the railway runs efficiently.

“Our work between Gretna and Lockerbie will reduce the risks that large trees and overgrown vegetation can pose to an electrified railway. Overgrown or dangerous trees can cause faults with overhead power lines, obscure signals or damage passing trains if left unmanaged.”