Railway level crossing closure at Dalwhinnie

In July 2021, Network Rail took the decision to prevent public vehicular and pedestrian access across the railway at Ben Alder Level Crossing on the grounds of public safety. The level crossing is located at Dalwhinnie on the Highland Mainline.

We understand that this was a frustrating decision for stakeholders. We’re not in the business of actively taking decisions that go against community feeling, but this can’t be at the risk of compromising safety. Safety is at the very heart of what we do and rapid closure of the crossing was the only workable option available to deal with the risk posed. We would be very happy to work with partner organisations to explore alternative possibilities such as a new footbridge or improvement of the existing underpass, but those solutions would require time and the allocation of resources whilst in the meantime the crossing must remain closed for safety reasons.

Below is a link to an FAQ on the closure and the detail behind the decision.

Ben Alder Level Crossing Closure Q&A