Redundant Leven track to support heritage railways

The Levenmouth rail link project has now completed work to remove the old disused track and redundant infrastructure from the former branch line.

Completing the removal of redundant and life expired railway equipment is an important step forward for the project and is the most significant work completed to date. Removing the disused track and excavating the old ballast will also help create a clear area for when the construction of the new lines will begin early in 2022.

As part of the project’s commitment to minimise its carbon footprint and increase its environmental sustainability, 100% of the removed track will be re-used, recycled or repurposed on` the project.

The redundant equipment was itemised and offered to a range of Heritage railways. Groups such as Leven Heritage, Shed 47 Dunfermline Caledonia Heritage society and Boness Heritage railway all received significant quantities of track and sleepers, which will benefit their respective projects going forward.

Joe Mulvenna, Network Rail project manager for the Levenmouth Rail link said; “This is the most significant phase of preparatory work so far on the project and we are literally clearing the way for the start of construction early next year.

“While clearing the old track breaks a link with the past, its important that we can re-use and recycle the redundant assets for use on heritage railways and some can be repurposed for the new line.

“It’s great to see local groups benefit from what was a redundant asset and to know the old Levenmouth railway will again serve passengers on the heritage railways, including locally in Fife.”

Next steps for the project will be to sink a significant number of trial boreholes all along the 5-mile route. As well as testing the ground, it will also sample for contamination. This will further inform the design development and construction methodology as the project prepares to go on site early in 2022.