Barrhead to Glasgow Electrification

Barrhead to Glasgow Electrification

Line of route electrification from Barrhead to Glasgow for Dec 2023.

This project consists of line of route electrification between Barrhead and Glasgow as part of the first phase of Scotland's Rolling Programme of Decarbonisation, enabling the operation of longer, greener and quieter electric trains between Barrhead and Glasgow.

Our Latest Activities

Demolition of pedestrian bridge at Cartscraig Road took place 25 Jun 2022

Piling work on the sections between Barrhead & Pollokshaws and Crossmyloof & Muirhouse Junction is taking place from May until Dec 2022. You can find more information on the impact of piling activity here

Preparation work to replace the bridge deck at Nithsdale Road is currently underway. The bridge deck will be removed over two consecutive weekends, 6-8 Aug and 13-15 Aug.

Project Timeline

  1. May - December 2022 - Route wide piling work to accommodate overhead line stanchions
  2. June 2022 - Removal of Carstcraig Road footbridge
  3. August 2022 - Removal of Bridge deck at Nithsdale Road to allow higher clearance bridge deck to be built
  4. December 2023 - Project Completion

Project Updates

  • Take Part In Our Passenger Survey Here

    As part of the Scottish Government’s Decarbonisation Plan, Network Rail are electrifying this route. This major investment is designed to facilitate more seats with cleaner, quieter and more frequent trains. For now, we're seeking your views on how best to deliver this significant enhancement programme with the least disruption to you.

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  • Major Bridge Works - Strathbungo

    This work is a key phase within the Barrhead Electrification project in line with the Scottish Government’s action plan to decarbonise the railway by 2035.

    In order to meet the clearance criteria for electrification, re-decking the Nithsdale Road Bridge and replacing the footbridge between Moray Place and Darnley Road is required. Download Work Programme Here

    While on completion of this project there will be wide ranging benefits, we do appreciate this work will cause disruption to surrounding communities. We would like to reassure you that we are committed to working with you to minimise this as much possible and will update you regularly as this work progresses. Download Work Programme Here

  • Demolition of Pedestrian Bridge - Cartcraigs Road

    Demolition of this bridge was necessary to allow height clearance of the planned overhead lines.

    Demolition of bridge at Cartcraigs Road

    Demolition took place Sat 25 Jun 2022.


As part of the Scottish Governments action plan to decarbonise the railway by 2035, Barrhead to Glasgow was selected as one of two priority lines for electrification, with the other being East Kilbride. The existing railway between Barrhead and Busby Junction consists of 12 km of non-electrified track.

What will change?

The Barrhead to Glasgow Electrification project is being managed in conjunction with the East Kilbride Enhancement Project, however will enter into service in December 2023, in advance of the East Kilbride service. As well as route clearance and electrification, the project scope includes alterations to Platform 3 at Barrhead Station to facilitate longer 4-car electric trains as well as replacing the footbridge at Nitshill Station, which is non-compliant for electrification.

What will change?

Major Bridge Works - Strathbungo

Bridge Works Strathbungo Letter (pdf, 328KB)

Bridge Works Mapping (pdf, 708KB)

QA Bridge Works Strathbungo V1 (pdf, 136KB)