Barrhead to Glasgow Electrification

Barrhead to Glasgow Electrification

Line of route electrification from Barrhead to Glasgow for Dec 2023.

This project consists of line of route electrification between Barrhead and Glasgow as part of the first phase of Scotland's Rolling Programme of Decarbonisation, enabling the operation of longer, greener and quieter electric trains between Barrhead and Glasgow.


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  • Why is this project taking place?

    This project is being carried out in support of the Scottish Government’s target to decarbonise the railway by 2035. It will encourage a greater modal shift from car journeys, reduce overall transport emissions, and provide a better and more frequent service to our passengers.

  • What are you doing and why is it required?

    Currently, we are clearing vegetation either side of the railway from Busby Junction to Barrhead station and carrying out ground and site investigation works. Ahead of this work, we have consulted and worked with ecologists to define and undertake all required survey and inspection work to ensure we comply with environmental standards as we undertake this work.

    This vegetation work is required to meet the six metre Scotland route standard, but it also allows us to undertake site and ground investigation (SI/GI) which helps define a programme of enhancements including electrification, double tracking, platform extensions and bridge replacements and modifications

    While site and ground investigations will take place until mid 2021, vegetation works are scheduled for completion in January 2021.