Croy weather resilience work

Croy weather resilience work

A £3.5m programme to improve the resilience of the railway against adverse weather between Croy and Dullatur


We understand that you will have many questions about the project near Croy station and we have tried to answer them below.

If the answer to your query is not below, please use our contact form to share your question with the project team and they will come back to you.

  • Why is the project being delivered?

    This programme is to improve the weather resilience of the railway between Croy and Dullatur, to help prevent speed restrictions having to be imposed during periods of heavy rainfall, meaning less disruption for passengers on the main Edinburgh-Glasgow line.

  • How much will this cost?


  • What are the timescales?

    Our teams arrived on site in March and work is scheduled to run up until around Christmas time.

  • How will the community be kept up to date?

    We'll be in touch with our lineside neighbours with more details throughout the work programme.

    We will also reach out to elected members and local organisations.

    Press releases will be published on the Scotland's Railway website and sent to local media. We will share updates on our social media channels.

    A notice board is also being prepared for the station for updated to be posted regularly.