Incle Street, Paisley: Improvement works to railway bridge and redundant building

Incle Street, Paisley: Improvement works to railway bridge and redundant building

In January 2022, Network Rail will commence a £1.4m programme of work to repair and repaint the railway bridge on Incle Street, close to Paisley Gilmour Street station. During the project, we will also infill the redundant building next to the bridge.


We understand that you will have many questions about the improvement work we're doing at the Incle Street and we have tried to answer them below.

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  • What are you doing at the Incle Street?

    We’re investing £1.4m on carrying out essential steelwork repairs before removing the old paint and rust and then priming and re-painting the railway bridge at Incle Street.

    As part of the project we'll infill the redundant building next to the railway, using lightweight material to support railway infrastructure.

  • When is this going to happen?

    We will carry out the work from 10 January until 16 April 2022

  • Why does this work need to happen?

    We need to carry out this work to protect and extend the lifespan of the structures, as part of a wider, rolling programme of maintenance aimed at keeping the network safe and reliable.

    When complete, the works carried out will mean the bridge and building structures are stronger, meet current safety standards and the bridge will not require repainting for up to two decades.

  • What impact will this have on traffic?

    In order to carry out the project safely and efficiently, we will be undertaking the work in two phases and the road under the bridge will have lane closures in place between 10 January 2022 and 16 April 2022. Delays are likely and we are suggesting that drivers plan ahead and find an alternative route where possible.

  • Will there be an increase in noise levels while work is ongoing?

    While some noise from our works is unavoidable, we will do all we can to minimise noise impact, including using acoustic barrier and hand tools instead of power tools where possible.

  • How can I keep up to date on the latest developments in the project?

    You can keep track of what's happening on the project by visiting this website regularly.