Inverness Airport Station & Dalcross Area Enhancements

Inverness Airport Station & Dalcross Area Enhancements

This is the development of a new two platform station (with step-free access via a footbridge with lifts) adjacent to Inverness Airport. Work also includes a new double track loop through the station and closure of Petty level crossing.


We understand that you will have many questions about the proposed new Inverness Airport Station and have tried to answer them below.

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  • What are you proposing for Inverness Airport Station?

    The proposal is for the development of a new two platform station (with step-free access via footbridge with lifts) adjacent to Inverness Airport, Work also includes new double-track loop through the station and closure of Dalcross level crossing. Proposals encompass associated car parking (10 electric charging facilities and 4 disabled spaces), cycle parking, capability for bus parking facilities, road alterations, railway access points, a permanent compound and a new footbridge close to Dalcross level crossing. The existing masonry arch overbridge to the east of the site is proposed to be removed.

  • When is this going to happen?

    The project was delivered between October 2021 and January 2023.

  • What are the next steps in this process?

    Ground investigations are already complete and the design is now underway using this information. Our next step is to commence an extensive consultation/engagement process, involving the local community, statutory consultees and other interested stakeholders.

  • How can we (residents) get involved in the planning process?

    We want to hear as many views as possible about the proposals and get a better understanding of how we can deliver a new station that best suits the local community.

    As with any other planning application submitted to the local authority, submissions and comments regarding the applications will be welcomed by the council.

  • Who will make the final decision on the permission for the new station?

    The application was considered by Highland Council.

  • Will there be full disabled access to each platform?

    The platforms will have full disabled access with ramp off the C1017 and lifts.

  • Why is it now being developed?

    A large number of improvements have been made on the Aberdeen to Inverness route and this new station will provide access to all local residents, and the numerous new developments in the area, to the railway network. It will provide a stimulus to further develop the area and enhance the train service to serve the new station.

  • Who will operate the trains?

    The proposal is that the existing ScotRail operated services will call at this station.

  • Will there be any increase in noise when the station is operational?

    There will be increased noise during the construction phase, but it will be delivered within approved limits. The volume of any public address equipment within the station, will be closely monitored to ensure it maintains appropriate limits. A noise report will be submitted as part of the planning application to assess any noise arising from the station and the new track rail loop.

  • Are there car parks included in the plans for the station – including electric charging?

    Yes, the new station will have 64 car parking spaces, 10 of these spaces will have electric charging facilities. 4 spaces are disabled parking spaces.

  • When will be the first and last train going through the station?

    It is too early for us to know that information. It would be expected that services would operate in conjunction with existing services on the line.

  • How often will trains stop at the station

    Train are approximately every half hour in peak and generally hourly at other times.

  • What other facilities will be at the station?

    The station will be unmanned. There will be waiting shelters, seating, ticket machines, help points and CCTV.

  • What linkages will be provided to the surrounding area?

    A link has been created to providing a walking route to the airport terminal. It is approximately 800m and a circa 12 minute walk.

    The Stagecoach No. 11 and 27 services will call at the new station for connecting to and from the airport.

    Active travel connections have been created to connect into the surrounding area including to the station, east and west and to the new town of Tornagrain.

  • Petty level crossing is to be closed as part of this project. How will this effect vehicular and pedestrian access?

    The proposal is for a pedestrian footbridge, with cycle trough to be installed adjacent to the current level crossing, providing access for pedestrians and cyclist.

    The road was closed by Highland Council via a stopping-up order in October 2022 in tandem with the opening of the new footbridge.

  • Overbridge 87, on U5409, is to be closed as part of this project – why is this to be closed?

    In order to construct the second track (passing loop) and new station, this bridge needs to be demolished. Alternative access is provided using the C1017.

  • How much tree removal will be required for these works?

    There will be a need to remove some existing vegetation to construct the project, however, this will be minimised wherever possible.