Scotland's Railway. Better in the making


Working for a better railway for Scotland

We Believe a better railway for scotland is possible And we're investing over £4 billion to make it a reality

Yes, we know it’s not always been easy… but we won’t stop until we’ve created a railway to make a nation proud. Because it’s your railway, it’s Scotland’s railway, it’s a better railway in the making.

Scotland's Railway

We’re investing over £4bn in a safer railway to help Scotland connect again with confidence.

Looking Ahead

As part of the Scottish Government’s ongoing investment in Scotland’s Railway we have developed a programme of infrastructure improvement options to support the strategic priorities identified by Transport Scotland. This will be a long-term managed plan of deliverable options informed by the industry and with input from local authorities to take account of their development plans.

This incremental programme of improvements to the railway will support current and future demand, aligning resources and funds available to deliver the best railway Scotland has ever had.

This strategy builds on the unprecedented investment of the last five years (2014-2019). Through a pipeline of future identified projects our railway will support Scotland’s social, economic and environmental needs; realising the benefits of rail for communities and business across Scotland.