Rail Freight In Scotland

The importance of freight

Freight on Scotland's Railway

Rail freight is worth £2.45bn to the UK economy and is the sustainable logistics choice for UK businesses, especially for longer distances.

One freight train can replace up to 76 lorries from and emits just a quarter of the carbon per tonne as the equivalent road journey. It also supports road hauliers - allowing them use to use their resources efficiently by increasing the number of first mile collections and last mile deliveries. The benefits in terms of reducing local emissions and improving air quality, reducing trunk road congestion and improving road safety are sizeable.

Thinking about putting your freight on rail?

We would love to have a discussion with you if you're thinking about the switch to rail over road, particularly over longer distances.

Anne MacKenzie (, our Senior Regional Freight Manager or Cal Logan (, our Lead Route Freight Manager are the people to speak to. Do get in touch.

Ken Russell and Andrew Malcolm talk railfreight