About Scotland's Railway

Scotland's Railway

Scotland’s Railway is a group made up of around 150 different organisations and suppliers from across the rail industry in Scotland, who believe a better railway for Scotland is possible. Read on to find out more about who we are, what we’re doing and how changes to Scotland’s Railway will benefit you.

We Believe a Better Railway for scotland is possible. And we're investing over £4 billion to make it a reality

Faster Services

More Seats

Extra Space

Improved Stations

New facilities

Yes, we know it’s not always been easy… but we won’t stop until we’ve created a railway to make a nation proud. Because it’s your railway, it’s Scotland’s railway, it’s a better railway in the making.

View our latest annual stakeholder report to see the progress made

What we're doing

To deliver our vision for a better railway in Scotland, we have 6 key priorities that underpin the the projects we undertake.

  1. Deliver a punctual and reliable railway for passengers and freight services in Scotland and cross border

  2. Improve capacity through continuation and completion of activity commenced in CP5 to deliver rolling stock and infrastructure enhancements

  3. Improve efficiency and value for money and for taxpayer, fare-payer and rail freight customers

  4. More effective integration between Network Rail and rail operators

  5. Deliver a reliable infrastructure, resilient to major disruption

  6. Work as one railway to build the best railway Scotland has ever had

What will change?

  • Journey Time

    Increased capacity on key routes, with the roll out of electrification, new rolling stock and proposed redeployment of the diesel fleet, and station enhancements. Ensuring the resilience and reliability of our most congested areas will be critical to delivery of a high performing network.

  • Safety

    Relentless focus on workforce, passenger and public safety to deliver ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day’.

  • Reliability

    We’re investing more to provide increased physical resilience to extreme weather events, to reduce impact upon passenger and freight services. We’re also running a data-driven maintenance and renewal plan called ‘Predict & Prevent’ - utilising remote condition monitoring, risk-based maintenance, train-borne measurement and other technologies to drive the correct intervention at the correct time.

  • Freight

    We’re supporting the freight market in Scotland through new and sustainable markets. We’re facilitating the growth of new rail freight business by maximising existing flows and development of new business / terminal facilities.

What are the benefits?

  • Benefits to passengers

    Enhanced passenger journey experience by improving stations and enabling the cascade of new rolling stock. Faster services, more seats, extra space, improved stations, new facilities.

  • Benefits to the economy

    The rail industry is key to Scotland’s economic success contributing up to £1.3 billion each year and employing more than 13,000 people. Scotland’s Economic Strategy sets out the Scottish Government’s plans to achieve a more productive, cohesive and fairer country, and identifies that Scotland’s railway is key to Scotland’s prosperity and quality of life, sustaining links between our communities to employment opportunities, businesses, industries, market services and educational social facilities.

Find out latest projects near you

Scotland’s Railway is always working, with new developments, renewals, upgrades and maintenance taking place across the country.

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