Dumfries accessibility project team welcome local students for site visit

Scotland’s Railway welcomed primary school students to see first-hand the work being done to make Dumfries station more accessible.

Primary 5 pupils from Georgetown Primary visited the project team to learn about the £3.6m Access for All scheme investment which aims to make it easier for people with impaired mobility or those travelling with luggage, children, or bicycles to travel by train.

Colleagues from Network Rail and Story Contracting shared their knowledge and experience about engineering and railway construction.

Youngsters were also shown some of the tools used in the project including a laser measuring device.

Joanne Irving, Primary 5 class teacher at Georgetown Primary, said: "P5 had a fantastic visit to Dumfries station to learn about the new footbridge being installed.

“Amanda, Paul and Emma were very patient and answered all our questions (there were a lot of questions!) and ensured the visit was 'hands-on' which pupils really enjoyed.

“We have been learning about careers in STEM and Network Rail have definitely inspired P5 to explore careers in engineering."

Amanda Naughton, scheme project manager, Network Rail, said: “It’s so important that we continue to work with communities to promote the benefits of Scotland’s Railway and to take opportunities to spark young people’s interest in a future career in the rail industry.

“The Georgetown primary pupils who visited our Access for All site at Dumfries were really engaged and enthusiastic and many already use the station with their families. As a project team, we had a lot of fun answering their questions and hearing their perspective on the work that we’re doing.”

Paul Shopp, project manager, Story Contracting, said: "Story Contracting is privileged to hold events such as this, which allows us to showcase this fantastic project and what will be a magnificent investment for the local community and Scotlands Railway.

"Most importantly, we were delighted to meet some brilliant, inquisitive young minds who are a testament to their parents' and teachers' work and support."