Replanting begins at site of Fairlie landslip

The replanting is to address the impact on the surrounding landscape and the loss of trees and plant species that occurred when 7000 tonnes of earth and spoil engulfed the railway from the slope above following heavy rainfall.

It will represent an investment of more than £100,000 to mitigate the biodiversity loss to the surrounding landscape and to offset the carbon impact of the project to reinstate the slope.

Work includes the installation of planted raised beds with native plants and hedging which will be spread across different levels of the regraded slope at the site. This will significantly improve the visual impact of the substantial remedial work that was needed following the slip.

The planting will include a range of species compatible with the railway environment, and all with good root systems which will help promote stability of the regraded slope. The work will help the lineside move from a species poor scrub to a species rich area which will be of benefit to the surrounding wildlife.

The planting will delivered in a way which continues to allow access for visual inspections to be undertaken at the site to help ensure the ongoing safety and integrity of the area.

Thomas Podger, Project Manager, commented:

“While our priority is always the safety and performance of the railway, this project demonstrates how we manage the lineside environment in a way that promotes biodiversity.

“Improving safety and performance on the railway is important but it’s great to show that this can be done while making a positive impact on the environment.”