Safety is the goal of summer sports camps in Levenmouth

A four-week programme of summer sports camps is delivering rail safety advice for young people from across Levenmouth.

The summer programme, led by Active Fife and supported by the Levenmouth Rail Link project, promotes participation in sport, physical activity and wellbeing, while delivering rail safety messages.

Kennoway and Thornton Primary schools, Levenmouth Academy and the swimming pool and sports centre in Leven are hosting the multi-sport camps, following two successful six-week programmes rolled-out in schools earlier this year.

Safety talk at Leven summer sports camps
Safety talk at Leven summer sports camps

As well as encouraging participation, the programme creates opportunities for young leaders and ambassadors to enhance their volunteering experiences through sport and physical activity.

It ties in with the £116m Scottish Government-funded Levenmouth Rail Link project, which is delivering five key rail safety messaging to participants about keeping safe and staying off the tracks.

While the new railway link has many benefits, it also comes with potential dangers and raising awareness of this across the area is key to empowering people to make the right choices and keep themselves and others safe.

Safety messaging has been delivered to communities through talks, interactive sessions, events, and site visits. The project team has visited numerous community groups and initiatives; including youth groups, voluntary organisations and has already covered 12 local primary schools.

More than 2,400 primary and high school pupils and more than 1,000 people within the community have received a safety training or briefings from the project team to date.

Joe Mulvenna, project manager for Network Rail said: “It’s important that everyone in Levenmouth is aware of the potential dangers of an operational railway, particularly for a community that hasn’t had trains running on the line for more than 50 years.

“We want everyone to enjoy and utilise the railway and we will do our best to make sure that everyone in the community is equipped with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions when around the tracks and stations to keep themselves safe.”

Sports and safety messages in Leven sports camps
Sports and safety messages in Leven sports camps

Councillor Colin Davidson, convener of the Levenmouth Area Committee, said: “This railway project will bring so many benefits to the community. It will reconnect the Levenmouth communities to the wider rail network and open lots more opportunities for employment, education, and tourism.

“Keeping people safe around the railway is a high priority. I am delighted to see that the project team recognises the importance of this and is putting such a strong emphasis on educating people of all ages on the dangers of the railway.”