Carstairs Junction remodelling

Carstairs Junction remodelling

Major engineering works on West Coast main line 4th March - 4th June 2023. Visit National Rail enquiries for journey information.


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Train through Carstairs Junction
Train through Carstairs Junction
  • What are you doing?

    We are modernising the railway infrastructure at Carstairs as part of a multi-million-pound investment to improve the efficiency and reliability of the Junction.

  • Why are you doing it?

    By renewing track, signalling and overhead electrification we will improve punctuality and infrastructure reliability on the West Coast main line and on routes between Glasgow and Edinburgh via Carstairs.

  • When are you doing it?

    Work began in January 2021 and is expected to be completed in spring 2024.

    Between March and June 2023, the line will be closed and services significantly disrupted as we undertake an intensive phase of work on the project.

  • What will I see?

    There are now three compounds operating within Carstairs Junction in relation to this project that will facilitate access for our workforce.

    Significant labour, plant and machinery will be working around the clock between March and June to carry out the most significant and extensive package of work on the Junction since it was constructed.

    Overhead line infrastructure, track and signalling will all be renewed and replaced and embankment and drainage assets will be strengthened and upgraded.

    We will also create the largest siding on the Scottish railway network to support the rail freight industry and improve the efficiency of the Junction.

  • How is it done?

    Initially we have been renewing as much of the infrastructure as possible without having to close the line, for example piles and stanchions for the overhead lines, new signals etc.

    From March, we will undertake the work that can only be done when the line is closed to traffic - removing and replacing track and signalling and overhead line equipment.

  • Will there be an increase in noise levels while work is ongoing?

    Unfortunately, some of the plant and machinery we use means that noise is unavoidable, but we will do all we can to minimise it. We have also asked those working on site to work with consideration for the local community.

    The work though will be intense and both day and night for a prolonged period so some disruption is inevitable.

  • Why is this work being carried out at night?

    The majority of works will be carried out at night due to the running of trains during daytime.

    During the line closures between March and June, work will be both day and night to maximise the access we have to the Junction

  • How will this affect passengers?

    While most of the work is done at night without any disruption to train running, a key part of the work on the junction cannot be done with line closures. From March 2023 for a three month period, services through Carstairs will be subject to alteration.

    Key dates

    4 - 19 March - 16 day closure of the West Coast main line

    20 March - 21 April Part of the junction will reopen allowing some trains to run to Edinburgh on week-days only and via diversion routes to Glasgow with extended journey times.

    22 April - 4 June Services will operate normally weekdays but all lines will be fully closed each weekend.

    No services will run to/from Carstairs from 4 March until 30 May.

    Customers should check their journey via Nation Rail Enquiries or with their individual train operator.

  • Will the station be accessible for all?

    As part of a separate, but related, project we are currently exploring options to provide full access to the station for all passengers.

    No services will operate to/from Carstairs for the full duration of the extended line closure.

  • How often will trains stop at the station?

    Once complete, any changes to the train timetable will be advertised to passengers via the train operators.

  • Will there be any traffic restrictions during the project and when are they expected?

    Over the course of the extended line closure, we will need to have some parking restrictions in place to enable the delivery of ‘track panels’ which will be installed on the railway. The restrictions will be sign posted and traffic cones will be in place on West View / Carstairs Road to highlight the request not to park.

    Below is a list of dates/times we anticipate the parking restrictions will be in place. (This though may be updated to reflect the delivery of the programme)

    16.00 Saturday 25 Feb to 0800 Sunday 26 Feb

    0800 Monday 13 March to 0800 Wednesday 15 March

    1600 Thursday 16 March to 0800 Saturday 18 March

    1600 Tuesday 21 March to 0800 Friday 24 March

    0800 - 1600 Tuesday 28 March

    0800 - 1600 Thursday 30 March

    We thank you for your cooperation during these times.

  • How can I keep up to date on the latest developments in the project?

    You can keep track of what's happening on the project by visiting this dedicated online portal regularly. If you have any questions about our work, you can contact Network Rail’s 24 hr national helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

    Please look out for us on social media – twitter @NetworkRailScot

    You can email any questions to