Levenmouth Reconnected

Levenmouth Reconnected

The reinstatement of Levenmouth Rail Link will provide the area with a major boost to economic sustainability and connectivity.

It will deliver opportunities for local people - unlocking access to education, culture, entertainment and employment options, as well attracting new business and investment.

New station locations announced

As part of the Levenmouth Rail link development, there will be two new stations on the line at Cameron Bridge and at Leven.

Network Rail has worked with partners and sought the views of the community and has now decided on preferred locations for the stations.

You can find more details of the station sites on the Location tab.

We will further develop these options and seek planning permission for the new stations in Autumn 2021.

Project Timeline

  1. Announcement of Preferred Options (stations and infrastructure) – June 2021
  2. Old track is lifted and recycled - July 2021
  3. Planning and Consenting process for stations – Autumn 2021
  4. Main construction works start on site - 2022

Project Updates

  • Track work is a big lift for Levenmouth rail project

    The Levenmouth rail link project has taken another huge step forward with the start of work to remove the old disused track and redundant infrastructure from the former branch line.

    Following on from last month’s confirmation that the line will be double tracked and electrified, and announcement of the station locations when Transport Minister Graeme Dey visited Leven, the removal of the old disused tracks is another clear signal that project is gathering momentum.

    You can read more about the track lifting here.

  • Levenmouth rail link plans unveiled

    Scottish Government Transport Minister, Graeme Dey has announced that reinstated line will be double tracked and electrified and confirmed locations of the two stations.

    The Transport Minister made the announcement on a visit to Leven to see the site of what will be the the new station and walk part of what will be the new line.

    You can read more about the project here.

  • Former railway yard supports work to reinstate Levenmouth rail link

    Network Rail has taken delivery of sixteen thousand sleepers that will form part of the new Levenmouth Rail link.

    The sleepers have been delivered to and are being stored in Thornton Yard, to the west of the branch line, ahead of major work to deliver the project from early 2022.

    You can read more details here.

  • Bats about Levenmouth Rail Link

    Network Rail has worked with staff at the Forth Rivers Trust to put up bat boxes along the route of the Levenmouth Rail link.

    This work is part of the Leven Connectivity Programme and followed on from the initial removal of trees along the route to clear the space for the new rail development.

    You can read more here.

  • A sign of things to come at Leven

    Network Rail is advising people who are using the disused Leven railway corridor to ‘be aware’ as activity increases ahead of work to reinstate the line.

    In the years since the line closed, the area has been used by local people for walking, running, fishing and nature watching as it is flat, vehicle-free and offered good views of, and access to, the river, even though the line has always been classed as operational railway.

    With preparatory work well underway ahead of the reconstruction of the railway, Network Rail is urging caution and are asking people to be extra careful if they continue to use the area due to the increasing number of vehicles and site activity.

    You can read more here

  • Latest News – This is not a drill – Ground Investigation is progressing

    Work to carry out site and ground investigations all along the line of the Levenmouth rail link continues and we are making good progress.

    Ground investigations determine the rock conditions and gives the designers of the railway the information they need to develop the detailed delivery plans and help inform the specification and requirements for construction of the railway.

    We do this by carrying out Sonic Drilling at specific locations in the area - taking soil and rock samples for testing insitu to determine the best way forward for the project.

    We will continue to keep you up to date with progress on the project via the web site, but if you have any questions you can email

  • Latest News - Community Engagement closes

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to contact us to ask questions and to share their views on the proposed station locations for the Levenmouth Rail link.

    Many people also took up the offer to meet with the project team at our ‘virtual’ community engagement events which were both challenging and informative. And although not ideal, it was great to get the chance to meet and talk to local people about the project.

    We are hopeful that circumstances in 2021 will allow us to meet in person and give us more opportunities to discuss the project as it evolves and develops.

    In the meantime, you can continue to ask questions via the online submission form on the web site or by emailing

    Our next step is to review the feedback received from the community engagement and views shared through project partners and stakeholders to decide the ‘preferred option’ which we will take forward.

    We will continue to update via the web site and on social media - @NetworkRailScot – as work towards getting #LevenmouthReconnected.

  • Latest News - Project web site to host community engagement sessions

    The Fife public are being given a platform to share their views on plans for Levenmouth Rail link through online information sessions.

    Though focussed on the sites of the new stations, the project will welcome views on all aspects of the project such as active travel links, station facilities or integration with other transport modes.

    More details here https://www.networkrailmediace…

  • Latest News Vegetation clearance begins

    Devegetation is now underway at the west end of the route and is progressing well.

    Listen to our project sponsor explain what we are doing and why here.

  • Latest News It's up and away for Levenmouth rail link work

    Watch this video for more on forthcoming works.

    See more of the line from this unique angle and find out more about what work we will be doing and why in the coming months as we prepare the project, here.


With lack of transport cited as a key indicator of social deprivation, such a significant investment in rail infrastructure has the potential to be genuinely transformational for regeneration of the area.

Improving transport links also supports the wider decarbonisation agenda and will trigger modal shift from road to rail.

On completion Levenmouth rail link will deliver substantial social benefits and opportunities for local people - unlocking access to education, culture, entertainment and employment options, as well attracting new business and investment.

What will change?

The development of Levenmouth rail link will see:

  1. 19 single track kilometres of new / reinstated railway. (This means a double track railway running the full length).
  2. Two new modern accessible stations
  3. Provision for efficient electrification of the line in the future
  4. Work with partners to optimise travel / interchange options connecting stations
  5. Work with local groups and stakeholders to support and promote social, economic and regeneration aspirations
  6. Work with stakeholders and local interest groups to support environmental goals and promote active travel and active leisure activities in the railway corridor
  7. Work with stakeholders and business to consider freight options as part of the development