Shields Road

Shields Road

Renewal of Shields Road bridge from August 2023 until August 2024

Bridge Renewal

The renewal of the bridge over the railway on Shields Road is a joint investment between Network Rail and Glasgow City Council and will allow the long-term road restrictions on Shields Road to be removed, and the bridge returned to full capacity.

To deliver our work safely and efficiently, the bridge will be closed for 13 months between August 2023 and August 2024. A diversionary route for vehicles will be in place during this time, with pedestrian access maintained via a temporary footbridge.

Project Timeline

  1. August 2023 - Road closes to all vehicles
  2. November 2023 - Diversion of utilities onto temporary footbridge
  3. February 2024 - Temporary footbridge opens to pedestrians
  4. April-June 2024 - Demolition and rebuild of bridge deck
  5. August 2024 - Road reopens to pedestrians and vehicles

Project Updates

  • Temporary footbridge installed for utilities

    Work to replace the bridge over the railway on Glasgow’s Shields Road has taken a step forward with the installation of a temporary footbridge.

    The 90-metre-long steel structure spans the four rail lines running below and allows the utilities that run beneath the road surface to be diverted safely while the adjacent bridge deck is removed and replaced.

    With 24 different pipes and cables buried within the bridge, including a gas main, electricity cables and multiple phone and internet services, the installation of this structure is a vital step in the work programme.

    Installation of the footbridge happened over two four-hour night shifts, using a 100-tonne crane to lift the prefabricated sections into place whilst the power to the railway overhead wires was switched off for safety reasons.

    When all utilities have been relocated onto the new structure and access ramps have been installed, the footbridge will open to pedestrians, and cyclists who dismount, from February 2024 before the existing road bridge is demolished

  • Shields Road progress update

    Following the installation of the temporary footbridge, Network Rail's Laura Craig and Story Contracting's Steven McVey provided some insight into the next steps for the Shields Road project.

    As well as installing the temporary footbridge for utilities and services, contractors have also carried out extensive earthworks underneath the bridge abutments. Vegetation has also been cleared from the area beneath the bridge.

  • Local community urged to plan ahead during Glasgow bridge demolition

    Network Rail will demolish the bridge over the railway at Shields Road during a period of 24-hour working over the Easter weekend.

    To protect the safety of the public, the temporary footbridge over the railway will be closed during the demolition and those walking or cycling in the area will need to take an alternative route.

    Working around the clock from Friday March 29 night until Monday April 1, excavators will demolish the bridge deck from road level and, with the debris cleared from the track, work will then start immediately to prepare for construction of the new bridge deck.

    Over the Easter weekend, our team will be removing the bridge deck over the railway at Shields Road, during a period of 24-hour working from the early hours of Saturday 30 March until Monday 1 April.

    For the safety of the public and our staff, the temporary footbridge over the railway will be closed from 06.00 on Saturday 30 March to 06.00 on Sunday 31 March. Those walking or cycling in the area will need to take an alternative route over the railway whilst the bridge is closed.


This bridge has been subject to weight restrictions for more than 20 years, and the programme will strengthen and repair the structure so that it is better able to handle the size and volume of traffic that needs to travel over it. We’re doing this work jointly with Glasgow City Council.

What will change?

From August 2023, we will begin diverting a range of utilities which cross the structure, before demolition of the existing bridge and carrying out repairs on the bridge abutments. Utilities will then be reconnected over the bridge ahead of it fully reopening in summer 2024.

To deliver the work safely, and efficiently, Shields Road will be closed to all vehicles between St Andrew’s Drive and Scotland Street from August 2023 until August 2024. Pedestrian access (and for cyclists who dismount) will be maintained throughout, via a temporary bridge which will be installed early in the project.

We understand that this length of closure will be inconvenient for those who live in the local area and for those who use the road, but it is the only way we can safely and efficiently undertake this work.