Shields Road

Shields Road

Renewal of road bridge on Shields road from August 2023 until August 2024

Bridge Renewal

The renewal of the bridge over the railway on Shields Road is a joint investment between Network Rail and Glasgow City Council and will allow the long-term road restrictions on Shields Road to be removed, and the bridge returned to full capacity.

To deliver our work safely and efficiently, the bridge will be closed for 13 months between August 2023 and August 2024. A diversionary route for vehicles will be in place during this time, with pedestrian access maintained via a temporary footbridge.

Project Timeline

  1. August 2023 - Bridge Closure
  2. August 2024 - Bridge Reopening


This bridge has been subject to weight restrictions for more than 20 years and the programme will strengthen and repair the structure so that it is better able to handle the size and volume of traffic that needs to travel over it. We’re doing this work jointly with Glasgow City Council.

What will change?

From August 2023, we will begin diverting a range of utilities which cross the structure, before demolition of the existing bridge and carrying out repairs on the bridge abutments. Utilities will then be reconnected over the bridge ahead of it fully reopening in summer 2024.

To deliver the work safely, and efficiently, Shields Road will close to all vehicles between St Andrew’s Drive and Scotland Street from August 2023 until August 2024. Pedestrian access (and for cyclists who dismount) will be maintained throughout via a temporary bridge which will be installed early in the project.

We understand that this length of closure will be inconvenient for those who live in the local area and for those who use the road, but it is the only way we can safely and efficiently undertake this work.