Troon Station Redevelopment

Troon Station Redevelopment

Following the fire which devastated the platform one station building in July 2021, work is now underway to deliver the redevelopment of the station building.

The views shared by the community consultation informed the option which is now being taken forward. It recreates and improves upon what was there prior to the fire and maintains the look and character of the station.

The replacements for the fire damaged canopies were craned into position in late summer before work got underway on the main station build in October 2023.

The project is aiming to complete the reconstruction of the station building ahead of the Open golf championship which is taking place in Troon in July 2024.


Following the fire at Troon station in July 2021, Network Rail has worked with industry partners to clear the site, make it safe and provide temporary station facilities and prepare to redevelop the station.

Following clearance from insurers, we enlisted our architects and worked with stakeholders to develop up concept designs for the replacement station building.

With submission of the planning application, this phase is now complete.

In tandem with the redevelopment of the building, we will reinstate the pyramid shaped canopy over platform 1.

  • What is happening

    Network Rail is submitting a planning application to South Ayrshire Council for the redevelopment of Troon station.

    The design being taken forward was informed by feedback from the community following the presentation of three options at a drop-in back in August 2022. The clear favourite of local people uses the existing footprint and same aesthetic as the existing building including traditional timber façade and slate grey roof. Redundant features such as the chimneys have been removed in this design, though most other features are retained.

  • What happens next ?

    The community will have a chance to review the plans and submit comments via the Council's planning portal before it is considered by officials.

  • When will the work start?

    The main part of the redevelopment is subject to acquiring planning permission / listed building’s consent but we are hoping to be on site in Spring 2023.

    Ahead of this, we are hopeful that work on the canopy can be progressed in advance of the main development.

  • When will the work be completed?

    We are hopeful that the work will be complete in early summer 2024.

  • Will the station be ready for the 2024 Open golf?

    We are conscious that the Open Golf will be held in Troon in July 2024 and it is our intention to have the station redevelopment complete in advance of this. We will work with South Ayrshire Council to secure the appropriate consents and permissions in reasonable timescales to allow the build.

  • How much is the project costing?

    Including the reinstatement of the canopy, the station redevelopment will represent a significant investment, however this cost is being met through insurance on the previous property.

  • Will it have the same look as the remaining part of the station?

    We are conscious of the historic character of the station and its aesthetics. We believe the plan developed will work within the wider context of the station.

  • Which contractors will be working on this project?

    We have not yet appointed contractors for the construction phase of this project. We will announce this when we have a contractor on board

  • Will there be any disruption to train services?

    Our first aim in developing a delivery programme for work would be to avoid disrupting the normal operation of train services – which means that work above or close to the running lines needs to be carried out when trains are not running for safety reasons. This usually means at night.

    Should the work entail any unavoidable disruption to train services, we will flag this well in advance and work with ScotRail to put in place alternative arrangements for those who need to travel ie replacement bus services.

  • Will it have a toilet?

    Will it have a waiting room?

    Will there be retail space included?

    The internal layout of the station has space for waiting areas, and accessible toilet and a changing places toilet as well as passenger ticketing and information.

  • Will you be improving access to this station?

    Where there is an opportunity to improve accessibility to and within the station as part of this work, we will actively consider delivering this. It will not extend as far as the addition of lifts or ramped structure crossing the railway as this would not be part of the scope or within the budget for this work.

  • Will you be improving active travel links?

    We have met with representatives of the Council’s active travel team to discuss how the station is reached on foot by bike etc. Where we can we will work with them to better integrate the station with existing local active travel routes.

  • Will there be any disruption during the works?

    Some parts of the work will be noisy but this would not stretch beyond what is normal construction activity. However, with work happening at night this has the potential to disturb those who live closest to the railway.

    We will do what we can to reduce the impact of any noise or lighting required during night-time working and we will brief all staff to be considerate to lineside communities while working on the project.