Waverley Masterplan

Waverley Masterplan

Led in partnership by Network Rail, Transport Scotland and City of Edinburgh Council, The Waverley Masterplan Concept will form a framework for the evolution of the station, supporting Edinburgh’s civic improvement and economic growth.

Presenting the concept designs for Edinburgh Waverley Station as part of the Waverley masterplan.

Network Rail’s plans to develop and improve Waverley Station have reached an important stage of the process, with a masterplan concept chosen. The work to date has been undertaken collaboratively with Transport Scotland and City of Edinburgh Council and selected following an extensive consultation process.
A team of experienced engineers, architects and urban planners, led by Edinburgh based consultants Arup, have analysed the usage patterns of the existing station and have proposed a range of interventions aimed at boosting the capacity of the station, improving accessibility and delivering a modern, vibrant station for Edinburgh.

Project Updates

  • Concept Design Announcement

    The Scottish Government, City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) and Network Rail are to announce the timescale and process to progress Waverley masterplan from its current concept status to an outline design stage.

    Edinburgh Waverley Station is a critical part of Scotland’s rail network and the city’s heritage, infrastructure and economy. In late 2018, a steering group was formed and a design team instructed to prepare a concept masterplan. The steering group comprised Network Rail, City of Edinburgh Council, Transport Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and VisitScotland. The design team was led by Arup.

    Further technical and engineering studies are to be commissioned to develop the concept plan. Work to date has identified key masterplan components and part of the announcement will be to present this information to the public.


As a vibrant commuter station and a hub for tourists from across Britain, footfall at Edinburgh Waverley has more than doubled within the last ten years from 10 million to over 24 million, and estimates suggest that it will more than double again to over 49 million by 2048.

More passengers mean more demand on train services and more pressure on the supporting infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers.

The Masterplan process sets out a route map to develop the station and the adjacent areas to ensure it can accommodate this growth,
and to do it in a way that is fitting for the prominent location it holds within the city.

What will change?

The overarching vision for the masterplan is to create a station for people – both passengers who use the station and people who live, work and enjoy the city. The masterplan is required to deliver on the following:

  • A functional station that operates efficiently and effectively as a major railway station
  • A connected place that seamlessly integrates national, regional and local transport modes and optimizes connectivity for all users
  • A distinctive gateway that celebrates travel and proudly announces arrival into Edinburgh
  • A world class environment that speaks of quality of architecture and design within a historic and urban setting
  • An Edinburgh station that recognizes the architecture and heritage both of the station and the City of Edinburgh, but also looks to the future and considers all deliverable opportunities

What will change?

Waverley Masterplan Executive Summary

Waverley Station Masterplan Summary Web (pdf, 8KB)

Waverley Masterplan Leaflet

Waverley Station Masterplan Leaflet Web (pdf, 3KB)